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I’m a mother to two sons and I share my life with Shawn and our large ginger cat called Nixon.

A long time ago, I started a career as a high school French teacher in England before moving to New Zealand in 2006. These days I don’t work in a classroom or mark essays, but I am firmly in the game of teaching, learning and growing – and this can take many forms.

Behind my work is a rock-solid knowing that we are equipped to handle life – and that from this place of knowing, life can be lived with more ease, more laughter, more creativity and lots of practical action! I regularly forget this knowing, so I am also experienced in the messy, painful and confusing sides of human life. It is just like that. Even rock-solid knowledge will be tested in the moment.

Freedom, flexibility and honesty mean everything to me.

Being in business is a privilege and I bring a high degree of integrity and gratitude to every client engagement that crosses my path. I trade under Howie Consulting Ltd with public liability and professional indemnity insurance in place and have enjoyed independent self-employment since 2015.


I am an experienced facilitator, a trained school teacher, a coach, a PRINCE2 qualified Project Manager and I also hold the IAP2 certificate in Public Participation.

I have partnered with a wide range of organisations to make stuff happen – whether they needed me for a day or several years. My skillset is broad and flexible: I can plan, manage, implement and evaluate a project, I can spend an hour with you to help you to think clearly and uncover your next step – or I can design and facilitate a workshop of any length for your group. I can lead, listen, advise or mentor.

Let’s talk if you are looking for a partner that can effect change, make things better, demonstrate real leadership and work gently and honestly with people. Drop me an email to start the conversation.



Michelle Howie

Sometimes people ask me to describe the way I work as a coach.

Coaching is notoriously hard to articulate and can often sound quite vague, self-indulgent or obvious. People often choose a coach at a time in their life when they have a specific goal, obstacle or topic that they recognise needs their attention.

A good coach should listen to you so intently that you feel mildly awkward, yet you know deeply that you are safe, believed and loved. That’s a combination and a moment between two people that can be quite hard to pin down, but when it happens it can feel magical.

I myself have been coached by people who have created moments of profound realisation – well, actually they would argue that I created it myself and their role was simply to witness.

Please feel welcome to drop me an email if you’d like to explore working with me.


So who am I as a coach? And who do I work with? And what can coaching cover?

– I am a companion, a witness, a nudger. I do not coach from A to B with an action plan and clear goals along the way. I am not in charge of the journey you are on.

– I believe in you and your abilities. My role is to steer you towards uncovering your innate wisdom, potential and peace of mind.

– I work with those who feel the ‘click’ when we first talk and I am comfortable to refer other coaches when the vibe isn’t right.

– I can share from experience on topics such as business, womanhood, motherhood, marriage, leadership, physical and mental wellbeing and social change.

– I work face-to-face with those who live in Hamilton, New Zealand or on Zoom or Skype. 


Michelle Howie
iHeart Logo

I also share the iheart programme with young people aged 10-18 years old, in groups and in private family settings.

iheart shares the understanding that we have everything we need inside of us, that wellbeing and resilience are built into all humans and that even in the face of difficulties we can uncover inner resources that transform our experience of life.

This understanding points to the principles behind all of our human experiences and the iheart lessons can be profoundly helpful for young people and families.


A good way to get to know me and my perspectives on life would be through my writing. I share blogs and articles on this site (check out the top tabs) and you can sign up for Friday Flow, my fortnightly email to a mailing list of followers.

I’ve always loved words in all forms. I consume communication avidly – books, talks, poetry, art. I create communication of my own and am starting to share it more confidently. I always enjoy hearing from readers to know what they heard and felt in my own writing.

Subscribe to Friday Flow and read the archives of every entry here.

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Two quirky talks at Hamilton’s PechaKucha night and one memorable TEDx talk are chalked up to my name as a speaker. I don’t do classic key notes and I tend to avoid PowerPoint slides. I like to connect with the audience and make people laugh. I am also a confident and engaging MC. 

 Watch my 2018 TEDx talk below.


“Michelle was a great facilitator. She has great EQ and ran the sessions well.”

“Michelle is a great facilitator. She balances contributing and driving us to contribute ourselves really well.”

“Michelle has heaps of experience and is a great facilitator.”

“The facilitation was awesome, I loved how Michelle left it up to us but still contributed and her contribution was usually highly valued.”

“Michelle was wonderful and supportive throughout, and I was thoroughly impressed over all.”

“Michelle was fantastic, a real asset to the programme.”

Feedback from participants on the Next Gen leadership programme, 2018-2020

“Michelle is one of those rare people whose gift of service and leadership has the potential to reshape entire communities by empowering people to see themselves through the lens of possibility rather than limitation.”

Lee-Ann Jordan

“One of Michelle’s greatest talents is her ability to listen intently, while holding space for other people to share their emotions, thoughts and feelings. She is a collaborative and empathetic leader, with a bright mind, and the ability to synthesise  information extremely quickly in a very direct and practical way”

Rachel Tucker

“Michelle became my coach in August 2017 when I embarked on a journey which involved beginning a business in a new health modality that is not widely known. This being my second business in the health sector I wanted to start this new business with a fresh, methodical approach. Michelle predominately offered business coaching whilst also incorporating some valuable life coaching which helped me discover more about myself and the way I wanted to operate my business. Her approach has been kind and gentle, bringing a wealth of knowledge and opening a whole new paradigm to how I viewed business and business models. She has been thoroughly supportive and encouraging through this process and both my business and personal lives have benefited from her input.  As a female entrepreneur it has been a difficult path to navigate and I can see the value in having a mentor like Michelle. Drawing a comparison between beginning my first business without a mentor compared to my second, Michelle has made the process less daunting and has provided essential insight into the business world. She has also been my constant with regards to helping me maintain a positive attitude about myself and my capabilities. In moments of self-doubt Michelle has been there always to ensure I veer back on to the path of self-belief and success.”

Summer 0'Brien


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