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Thinking Partner sessions – all you need to know

You might have seen my new offering to book a Thinking Partner session. I’ve described it like this, 

“This is an hour of space to listen to yourself, think quietly and get an occasional nudge from a trusted guide.

You’re looking at a 60 minute meeting with Michelle. You’re here because you have things to think through. Michelle will listen, sit quietly and witness while you do your thinking.

You can ask her to coach you more actively, you can chew her ear off for 60 minutes straight with no words edged in at all!

This session is all yours, so you own it.”

If you want to know more about what that includes, how it works and whether it fits your needs, well read on.

What it is

  • It’s time to unpack, reflect, ponder and digest something that is on your mind. Anything at all.
  • It’s spacious, it’s a pure hour of space for thinking and teasing out your thoughts into some kind of new shape, or orderliness, or next step.
  • It’s yours – you can ask for quiet time, or for coaching, or for listening, or for feedback, or something else.

What it includes

  • Me, for an hour.
  • My ability to listen to you, my insights (if you want them), my years of experience as a coach and mentor, my attention and focus on just you, you alone.
  • A pre-session email with some prompts that you can take or leave.
  • A post-session email with a few of my thoughts and reflections.

How it works

  • You click the link and book a session with payment upfront.
  • You pick a time and our session is locked into both our diaries.
  • I email you before the meeting time and we agree how we will meet. A Zoom link is automatically created, but we may agree to meet in person if you are within 15km of Hamilton.
  • On the day, you just turn up because it’s all paid for and organised.
  • You can ask me more questions until you’re ready to book, as well.

Who it works for

  • It works for thinkers, people with cluttered desks in their mind who are smart but a tiny bit stuck on something.
  • It works if you are not starting from scratch on something, you’re almost-there. An hour goes fast.
  • It works for self-aware people who can zoom out and scan down on their situation with someone’s help.
  • It works well if you want a quick sounding board check-in session.

What it isn’t

  • It isn’t coaching. Coaching may occur, or it may not.
  • It is not therapy. Obviously.
  • It is not a long session. It may be something you need to re-book, if you want to keep partnering on thinking.

Ready to have a go? Here’s the link to book in.

Got questions? Give me a call (0210426835) or drop me an email and we can chat – [email protected]

Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels: https://www.pexels.com/photo/question-mark-on-mirror-6757691/

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