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On birth and breastfeeding

Feeding Willis, personal lessons in low supply triumph.


“My name is Michelle and I have low milk supply.

Like someone sitting at an AA meeting, I feel now like I want to share my story with you.  Now is the right time as my second son, Willis, reaches nearly 15 months and I have some space to look back and marvel at our journey.  He is exclusively breastfed and always has been – but that statement innocently glosses over seven months of supplementing with donated EBM (expressed breast milk) and many moments of doubt, exhaustion and fear. How did you manage that? Why did that happen? The answers are elusive even to me, but here’s a bit of the story so far….”

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Surprise breech birth – the best kind!

“Throughout my pregnancy, we had a feeling that our baby was a boy.  It was just a hunch as we opted not to have the 20 week scan and so knew nothing more than the fact that we were expecting just one baby.  People asked me, “What are you having?” I took such pleasure in staunchly saying “a baby!”   We named our baby ‘Donkey’ as he loved to kick and move. 

I really liked being pregnant and was lucky to experience no sickness or major aches and pains.  I was happily riding around on my bike into my 41st week and went to weekly yoga classes led by another local midwife. At yoga I loved the time we spent focussing on our bodies, our babies and readying ourselves for birth. 

Our midwife would stay for hours at our antenatal home visits, chatting endlessly and effortlessly about birth and parenting with us.  We all tried to watch the clock, but it was kind of hopeless!  We just got along so well, and it was a huge plus for me that she and Shawn connected.  It felt good to have a midwife that Shawn could talk to and ask questions of so easily, and who shared his huge love of good coffee!…”

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On relationships and love…
Sugar Baby, short fiction published by Flash Frontier